How about the quality of dragon and phoenix jewelry gold?

What is the golden quality of dragon and phoenix jewelry? What about purity? I heard that it will be faded, true and false!

5 thoughts on “How about the quality of dragon and phoenix jewelry gold?”

  1. It is recommended to ask for invoices
    The interest rate cuts in Europe, the World Cup is approaching, euro EQ, and the Seventh Kingdom Summit. On Thursday, the transaction price opened on June 6, 2014 to about 252 yuan, jewelry gold was about 313 yuan, invested 268 yuan, recycling, recycling 251.9 yuan, the recycling price of pawn banks is only less than 210 yuan. Investment needs to be cautious, despise advertisements, contempt for administrators if they need pictures and verification

  2. The service attitude is super bad! Intersection Intersection On New Year’s Day, there were many people at the counter. They dumped their faces and bought the pendant to let the waiters wear all kinds of dissatisfaction with my own gold chain.

  3. I personally think that there is no service concept. The first thing to say is 20 yuan/gram. Because the processing fee is 10 yuan/gram, it is added to the gold price once, and then another time. After discovering the shop, I did not admit it. If you want to change 18 yuan/gram, the recovery price will be 20 lower than the outside. In short, he wants to make money. I did n’t experience the first time I bought gold. I bought a lesson at the time.

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