How to calculate the gold depreciation fee

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  1. Each brand gold jewelry is different in the new rules of the old replacement, generally 15%of the super gold price. It is a good choice to add a little cost to the old change. With the improvement of the quality of living standards, there are more and more gold jewelry styles. Don't worry too much about making the jewelry discolor or fading during the wear process.
    This information:
    Gold repurchase is a kind of behavior in gold purchases. Gold repurchase is the management of limited resources, which can make the use of gold exert a greater value. The price of gold cannot be static. The fluctuation situation is related to international forms. Mastering the reasons behind the gold fluctuations need to be understood by international forms. In order to sell gold at the most suitable price. In addition to paying attention to price trends, gold repurchase must also choose regular recycling channels to ensure the guarantee and return efficiency during recovery. It is understood that there are two types of gold that is currently in the field of spot gold investment in China. One is raw material gold bars, and one is the New Year's gold bars. Although the buying and selling prices of various merchants are different, they are compared to the real -time price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and then increased or reduced accordingly. According to the regulations of China's Gold Flagship Store, consumers should pay 8 yuan per grade on the basis of the current brand price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange when buying the investment gold bar at the Shanghai Gold Exchange. Based on the basis of 2 yuan to monetize. Some people in the industry calculated that due to the existence of the difference in gold trading, only the price of gold rose about 10 yuan can investors recover the cost. And if consumers take the gold bars bought elsewhere to sell from other places, each gram will be reduced by 5 yuan, which is only the repurchase service provided by some merchants. As of April 2008, there were 23 taxpayers who sold physical gold products in the Xuanwu District National Taxation Bureau, of which 3 have launched the gold repurchase business.
    The operating operations of taxpayers in the gold repurchase business is also inconsistent, there are two main types: processed according to consumer return. Because the repurchase amount of consumers is greater than the price indicated by the invoice when the consumer purchased, the sales income of the repurchase price is greater than the sales of the original invoice, and the value -added tax base has changed. The processing of repurchase physical objects: The merchant's repurchase of real gold in exchange for new gold products with the same weight according to the sales status, and the exchange session does not issue an invoice. Treatment according to the commission processing method. This method did not afford the current sales revenue. The amount of the storage enrollment is based on the amount paid by the repurchase order, and only the processing fee invoice is obtained by processing.

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