Is the West Queen Mother Zhou Mu Gong Journey, in the end, is it a real existence?

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4 thoughts on “Is the West Queen Mother Zhou Mu Gong Journey, in the end, is it a real existence?

  1. The Queen Mother Zhou Mugong should exist in ancient times in ancient times, but she was not the mother -in -law of the Western King of the Western heavenly king in mythology, but a female leader of a certain ancient tribe. Detailed records, modern scholars also found the stone room where Queen Mother West lived in Tianjun County. The wall of the stone room was engraved with ancient murals and scriptures in ancient times. It can be seen that the Queen Mother West did exist in history.
    Zhou Mu Gong Zhou Mu Gong's surname Ji Manman, also known as King Zhou Mu. He was a legendary king in ancient times. It is said that he is like Qin Shihuang and Emperor Hanwu, and he is also a person who likes to cultivate the alchemy as a immortal life, but his blessing is better. Wu. The ideal of his life is to travel to the world like Huangdi, visit the world who are all over the world. Later, he took his royal horse to make a father, and sat on the west to play with the west of the western region.
    The weekly Mu Gong and Queen Mother of the West were in the distant border area. He came to a place called the Mother of the West and was enthusiastically treated by the female leader of this country. The two of them appreciated each other in the same country, and they were both male and female. They were very speculative in their words, and finally they gradually became emotional. The Queen Mother West took Zhou Mugong's hands to play with Yaochi, and the two spent a good time.
    Is to say goodbye, but Zhou Mugong still has a country to manage, so he must go back well again, so he eventually said goodbye to the Queen Mother of the West. In order to send off the grand banquet to King Zhou Mu, the Queen Mother Western was delivered to the lyrics between them, and they also expressed their strong affection in the lyrics. Luo satin gave the Mother West, and she would come back to see her after three years. Unfortunately, he did not follow people's wishes, and Wang Mu died before he returned to China. He could not fulfill his promise. However, there are also legends that the Queen Mother West couldn't help but love acacia. When I came to Central Plains to meet with King Zhou Mu, the two finally rose together.

  2. The West Queen Mother Zhou Mu Gong Journey is not a real existence at all. The Queen Mother West is just a mythical image created by people. It is not a real character at all.

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