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  1. Yu Jin Dafu is a relatively small brand in the gold jewelry industry, so the ranking is not very good.
    If Gold Dafu Gold is still OK, and the reputation in the industry is also excellent, deep consumers' love. The gold purchased by formal channels will have golden profiles of gold, similar to thousands of gold, golden foot, foot gold, etc. This mark is what consumers must see, which is the same as people's names, proof!

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    The country is particularly strict with gold jewelry. All the qualified products are hit back, and few inferior products appear on the market. At present, the common gold jewelry in the market has thousands of gold and thousands of feet. Due to the increasingly perfect processing technology, foot gold jewelry has gradually eliminated. Therefore, as long as the goldenness of the big brand is almost the same.

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    It gold Dafu Gold How to clean:
    1. To protect the gloss of the gold jewelry, you can apply a layer of colorless nail polish on it.
    2. If there is already a black silver film on the surface of the gold decoration, you can use 2 grams of salt, 7 grams of soda, drift **** 8 grams, 60 ml of clear water, and make it into a "golden device cleaning agent" to put the gold jewelry jewelry. In a bowl, pour the cleaning agent. After 2 hours, remove the golden jewelry, rinse with water (preferably not hard water), buried in the wood chips to dry, and then wipe it with a soft cloth.

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    3, salt and vinegar mixed synthetic cleaner, and using it to wipe the pure gold jewelry, which can make it new for a long time. Or wipe it with a toothpaste to restore the gloss of gold jewelry.
    4, it is best to bring it back to the mall to let the professionals clean and check for you.

  2. Because Jin Dafu is a smaller brand in the golden jewelry industry, the ranking is not very good, but some people feel unreliable. After all, others may not like what you like, and it is difficult to tune public!
    If Gold Dafu is not a very powerful jewelry brand, and no one will deliberately arrange it ... Golden things, the difference between the whole China is not the same, but the jadeite jade may look at the price / performance ratio, find someone I know how to accompany you, diamonds also depend on cost -effectiveness, because this kind of industry pit is the most, in short, there is no ranking.
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  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer because Jin Dafu is a brand that is relatively small in the golden jewelry industry, so the ranking is not very good, but some people feel unreliable. After all, others may not like what you like, and it is difficult to tune public! Jin Dafu is not a very powerful jewelry brand, and no one will deliberately arrange it so far ... Golden things, the differences in China are not the same, but it is possible for emerald jade.nBecause Jin Dafu is relatively small in jewelry, there is no ranking. Jin Dafu is not a very good brand, and no one will deliberately rank so far ... Unless it is used for the promotion of the brand, it doesn't matter if you find a job. Emerald jade depends on the cost -effectiveness, finding a knowledgeable accompanying you, diamonds also depend on cost -effectiveness. In short, there is no ranking.nFor your referencenAsk Golden Dafu Gold, OK?nIt depends on her purity when answering gold. The purity of gold jewelry and gold is the reason why there is a difference. Many jewelry merchants often participate in raw materials in order to make jewelry more beautiful and beautiful. Reason 2, some businesses participate in the gold in order to obtain huge profits. Reason 2, each merchant has its own brand strategy, coupled with operating costs, such as advertising costs, so these are passed on to consumers, so the price is expensive. The 315 party once reported that a kind of element was called "铱" in a gold jewelry.期 In the chemical element cycle table, it is close to gold. Its density is very similar to gold, but its price is one -tenth of gold. Therefore, buying gold jewelry or rest assured that you should go to the brand store. Don't forget to ask for invoices.nDo you ask the Jin Dafu?nIs it a brand?nAnswer Hello, Jin Dafu is not a brandnAsk the son to get married and prepare to buy hardwarenDreaming Garden Calculation BrandnAnswer if you buy it, you should buy it in the brand store, such as Zhou Dafu, Chinese gold, such as guaranteenCalculatenMengjin Garden is the leader of 9999 Gold. It may not be better than last week, but it may not be compared to Dafu and Lao Fengxiang, but the publicity is particularly strong and strong. There are more than 2,000 specialty stores across the country!nQuestion Jin Liufu's Honor Calculation Brand?nAnswer this is not a brandnDo you ask the Saifel as a brand?nThe answer is that the Saifel Jewelry is a domestic first -line brand. The spokesperson is international superstar Li Yan. It has specialty stores in first -tier cities such as Jinan, Shandong, Xiaoshan Jewelry City, Hangzhou, and Beijing Wangfujing.n15 morenBleak

  4. Jin Dafu is not a great brand, and no one will deliberately rank so far ... Unless it is used by the brand's promotion ... If you look for a job, you need to see what job to do, and it doesn't matter if you buy things. Looking at the price -performance ratio, find a knowledgeable to accompany you to see the diamond ... It is also a price -performance ratio ... It ’s right if there is no ranking

  5. Jin Dafu is completely an empty shell company without his own factory building and no own product franchisee, just hang a sign at his house, and then receive a signing fee. When you go out to check the shop, the shop is afraid that the merchant does not hang his house to sell it and the shop diamond jade and silver must be hung up with their family. It means that it is not just a brand of cottage. I thought it was very powerful to offend how many franchisees exited how many franchise stores did not weigh. I don’t know how many pounds.

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