5 thoughts on “The diamond on my platinum ring is crooked,”

  1. If your ring is PT950, it is easier to deform, because its gold content is 95%. If the valuable metal, the higher the purity, the softened, and the 990 is rarely set with diamonds. Consider the firmness of diamonds, or 750 (18K). General brands will have after -sales service, and it is best to find them to solve them. If not, go to the Consumer Association to complain, and if you can't, you will go to the Cleei jewelry in the city of Mero in the large suburbs of the East Fourth Ring Road, which is a national chain. Their maintenance is free. The technician technology is very good. My friend is bought there. The after -sales and after -sales service is very good. It is not necessary to buy it for free at his home.

  2. 1. First of all, you have to bring your diamond ring certificate and your diamond ring to specifically detect whether your ring component and certificate are involved. There are two A. There is a difference between B. Not in and out
    2. If it is a answer, then you have to bring a certificate from the testing agency to negotiate with the jewelry shop. You can ask for returns, exchanges, compensation, apology and other requirements, and you can complain about the Consumers Association
    3. If it is B answer, then you can ask the jewelry store to repair or exchange. There should be no problem after maintenance, but how much Kim Chong should know how much you want, you should be damaged in this level of maintenance. If you have more, don't be too harsh

    PS: In fact, inlaid rings, gems should be a common problem. It ’s rare when it’ s crooked. Generally speaking, it ’s your own reason. Do n’t put it back by yourself, so as not to be counterproductive.

  3. Expressing sympathy for the situation of the landlord, this kind of thing is indeed relatively rare!
    but PT950 is not the hardest metal. K gold is much harder than PT, so it usually uses K gold diamonds. However, what the landlord is talking about is a relatively serious deformation. You can get an invoice to find a merchant for processing. Generally, there are two methods for processing. The possibility of the second type is relatively small. One is that the merchant must lose a little money, and because it is inlaid to be inlaid, it is possible to replace it with the same ring, but it takes the same weight, the same color, the same clarity, The same cut diamond is a bit difficult, that is, the quality of the diamond is different. It is more difficult to change to it!
    It is useless to find relevant departments. You said that you have deformed the merchant without admitting that you have no evidence if you are not affected by the outside world! So the relevant departments are generally not accepted! So try to communicate as well as possible! These profiteering industries, you communicate well for their after -sales service!

  4. This situation is relatively rare. The landlord can ask the mall to repair and restore you

    The platinum is relatively hard, but it is not very hard. It is still soft than K gold. There is still something that is not as good as:)

    It may be difficult to complain, because it has been sold, and there is no evidence that this is deformed due to quality problems

  5. Generally speaking, valuables have a promise of after -sales service. You can let them help them. In addition, if it is platinum but the diamond is crooked, you need to find a third party to identify the ingredients. Generally speaking In the case, unless its composition is wrong

    I wish you good luck

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