The role and significance of the three views in jewelry design

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  1. "Jewelry Three Visites" reflects the process of jewelry and plays an important role in implementation. It is an indispensable bridge in the process of making the finished product.
    The special jewelery master -Rene Rayik. He created the precedent of the design of the new European art decorationism (Art Deco) jewelry design, which organically combined the Baroque style of European jewelry in the heyday period with the decorative style from the East. Unbearable handed down.
    At the end of the 9th century, Rene Lalique took the stage of jewelry design, coincided with the right time. He showed unique vision, rich imagination and innate creative talent in jewelry design. Both are perfect supplements to the spirit of the new art sports. During this period, jewelry is no longer just a medium for wealth display; the new design opens the door of creativity and imagination, and jewelry wearer will also be appreciated by its unique taste.
    This new style has been warmly welcomed by the public. By the turn of the century, Larik has established its own dominant position in the new artistic -style jewelry design. For Larik, the value of the jewelry materials he uses is second only to the artistic value of each work.
    Arik only uses precious materials to make jewelry, such as gold, silver and diamonds. These precious materials have made aesthetic contributions to the birth of each piece of jewelry. Rather than using precious materials to increase the currency value of jewelry, it is better to say that the identified precious gemstone will determine and affect the overall quality, originality and beauty of the jewelry.
    Jewelry Introduction
    Jewelry is divided into a broad sense and narrow sense. Jewelry in the narrow sense refers to jade products. A certain value of jewelry, crafts or other treasures are called jewelry. Therefore, in ancient times, there were "gold and silver jewelry" to distinguish gold and silver and jewelry.

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