What are the most influentials in the new art category in the 20th century?

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  1. "New Art" is a specifically inherent noun in some art. It is the most innovative pioneer in various cultural and art of 20th century, not the contemporary art of our time.
    "New Art" is characterized by vibrant and liquidity lines. French drama nicknamed "noodle art", which not only visually expresses its characteristics, but also shows that "new art" is considered a popular public The art, not academic art.
    "New Art" is not only the darling of the artist. It has been fully excavated and applied in various fields such as architectural style, interior design, glass manufacturing, and jewelry design. Here, it is necessary to mention Japanese prints. Its flat picture, does not pursue the expression of realism and perspective, will give new inspiration at that time.
    19th century and early 20th century, the streets of Paris are affixed with various posters of "new art" style.

    The 86 "new art" style subway entrance in Paris

  2. After Cezanne and Van Gogh, the Impressionist painter first broke through the restraint of this traditional concept and emphasized the expression of subjective spirit. By the 20th century, this concept was further developed. The emergence of a variety of modern means such as photography, movies, and television makes people realize that art is no longer the only image of reflecting and recording objective objects. The emergence of beasts, expressionism, surrealism, etc. are the specific practice of this concept of art.

  3. The most extensive influence is in the fields of painting, photography, architectural decoration and other fields. For example, Mu Xia's paintings, in the sweet and elegant appearance of gorgeous decorative beauty, contain the spiritual purpose of sublimating humanity. Mu Xia was the representative painter of the "new art" popular in Paris in the early 20th century.

  4. In the decoration art movement, the "new art" emphasizes the medieval, Gothic, natural style decoration, emphasizes the beauty of handicrafts, and deny the characteristics of the mechanization era. The decorative art movement is exactly the trend of classicalism, nature (especially organic form), and the trend of simple handicrafts. It advocates the beauty of mechanization. Therefore, the decorative art style has more positive era significance.

  5. The widest is the art of new media, creating visual wealth for society, but also visual thinking on social culture. New media art has inadvertently went deep into all areas of contemporary art.

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