3 thoughts on “What do you say about “Love in the City”?”

  1. “Love of the City” is Zhang Ailing’s famous work and masterpiece
    It in Shanghai in the 1930s, Miss Bai Liu Su, who was defeated by the aristocratic Bai family, married Tang Yiyuan, the young master of the Tang family. Unexpectedly Frequent mercy everywhere hurts tassel’s heart. Fracus was under tremendous pressure from family and secular, and resolutely ended this wrong marriage. After the divorce, the tassel was bullied by the snobbish brother at home. At this time, Fan Liuyuan finally got the right to inherit the huge amount of property. From a poor boy who was unnamed, he turned into a hot diamond king, but his losing loved woman Hong Lian made him hopeless about life and began to become Cripper, game feelings. When Liu Yuan was arranged to have a blind date with Liu Su’s sister Baoluo, he suddenly had an inexplicable interest in the tassel, who was still expensive and expensive. Ruisu Yingliu Yuan’s invitation to Hong Kong twice, but Liu Yuan was unwilling to marry her although Frauds. In a timely manner, the Pacific War broke out and Hong Kong fell. Miraculously involved together.

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