What is the impact of buying gold without invoicing

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  1. There is no guarantee for buying gold without invoices. If you need to change cleaning and quality problems, there will be no vouchers. Gold is a valuable thing, and it must be invoicing, and invoicing is a evidence. Gold jewelry is valuable, not only the price is high. And when you change the new or recovery, you need an invoice. Therefore, when buying gold jewelry, remember to ask for an invoice. Gold jewelry without invoices cannot be purchased and there is no guarantee.
    The purpose of buying gold votes
    In information on the invoice, the weight, unit price, purchase date and other information of the gold or silver jewelry. Essential items, especially gold and silver, can also be used as currency circulation. To issue a clear invoice in the future is also a ID card of this gold and silver jewelry itself.
    If invoicing is also the quality assurance of the merchant's gold jewelry, and if you find that this gold jewelry has a problem in the future, you can use this invoice to find the gold shop to negotiate. If there is no invoice, if you find that you buy you buy in the future There are some quality problems in this gold jewelry. If you have no evidence, others will not admit it.

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