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  1. If you wear a puppet, you can play a role in recruiting, so you can choose the crystal material when choosing a puppet. The wooden people are more suitable to wear yellow crystals. Yellow Crystal is the soil, and the wood is soil. It is very helpful to the fortune. Obsidian material, of course, is related to its own yen. If the yen is strong, it can be worn. If the yen is weak, it will be affected when wearing. If the person of the wooden life is the most suitable for wearing a red emerald cricket, red is fire, and the wooden fire is excited. In addition, if the man of Mu Ming wears jade, there is no conflict in itself, so you can also wear it. Different crystals have different effects, and some crystals can play the role of exorcising evil spirits. Some crystals can strengthen their beliefs and self -confidence, and help improve their careers. People have different needs. When choosing crystals, they must choose according to their needs, and they will not play a reaction.

  2. Tripstones often use items that are used to decorate decorations, and they also have a social status, such as wealth. From the perspective of the five elements, what jewelry is suitable for people to wear? So, let's follow the decorative Feng Shui to learn about it!

    1. What material of the wooden people can use 貔貅 ↑ 丨 r n 貔貅 can recruit gold, you can use crystal and blond crystal.
    mu people with yellow crystal 貔貅 貔貅 ↑
    mu's yellow crystal cricket is okay. Yellow crystal is the soil, and the wooden soil is wealth.
    ma people with black 貔貅 ↑ 貔貅 ↑
    obsidian five elements are gold. If the wooden life is strong, it can be worn. If the yen is weak, it will be affected.
    Maton people wearing red emerald 貔貅 ​​r nThis red is fire, wooden fire is excited.
    Mu Ming wearing jade 貔貅 貔貅 ↑
    The attributes of the year have no conflict with the jade and can be worn.
    The different crystals have different uses, and some crystals can avoid evil; some crystals can strengthen their beliefs, self -confidence, and officially prices; some crystals can recruit wealth, gather wealth ... and different ones People have different needs, and they must have a choice with crystal, otherwise they will be counterproductive.

    2. What crystal is suitable for wooden people
    It's from the five elements, Jin is Kimu, so the jewelry of Jin is not suitable for wooden people. Aquatic wood, so the crystal of water helps the wooden life. Generally speaking, black crystals are water, black crystals, tea crystals, black tourmaline, obsidian, black hair crystals, meteorites, etc. are suitable for wooden people. The wooden people bring the crystal of the water, which can spiritual therapy, refine qi, tend to avoid fierceness, calm, stable, and proliferate, disaster relief, relief, carefree, strengthen self -confidence, avoid evil, cure diseases, cure diseases, cure diseases , Change luck and so on.
    The crystal of the wood is also one of the first choice for wooden people. Most of the green and purple crystals are wood, and the crystals of wood include green hair crystals, green ghosts, amethyst and so on. The wooden people bring the crystal of wood, which can make people healthy, intelligent, outstanding; increase career, wealth, etc.

    3. Whether the wooden life is suitable for bringing gold
    Thenatone as a wood, that is, the wooden life. Among the five elements, gold is Kimu, so for people who lack wood, they are not suitable for gold.
    Ifaline people If the wood is strong, the fortune is strong and the fortune is particularly strong. If the wooden life of the wooden qi brings gold, the financial fortune will be hindered. Those who are lacking in wood, they are prone to lack of wood qi, weak wood, weakness of physical and mental fatigue, not smooth things, and even weakness. The lack of wooden people with gold will affect their bodies, and everything is not smooth.

  3. It is best to see what the five elements are missing. If you are short of gold, wear metals, and those who are short of water will wear black crystals. Those who miss the soil can wear ceramics, clay or yellow light-such as yellow crystals, amber, tiger eye stones, etc. Essence , Cold light-like red light-such as garnet, hair crystal, etc. (red hair crystals, copper hair crystals, red rabbit hair crystals, red ghost crystals).

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