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  1. you can! When you go to the pawnshop, you can redeem it when you need it! If you do n’t want to go to antique cities, and there is a private jade shop to sell a better price! You do n’t buy it when you go to the store!

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. UrumqinHua Ling International Jade City, the jade varieties of Hua Ling International Jade City are complete, and the merchants are gathered. It is the largest jade wholesale market in Xinjiang. 80%of the jade retailers in Xinjiang are purchased here.n2. Hetian CitynThe market mainly focused on Hetian jade seeds, mainly concentrated at the gate of the mosques in various counties and cities in Hetian and near the river of jade.n3. And the countynIn the end of the jade trading center of the county, the county is famous for its rich mountain materials. Most of them are mainly sold by jade raw materials.nAmong them, Shifo Temple is the largest Hetian jade processing and sales distribution center known for its low -grade goods, but the price in recent years is even higher than Beijing and Shanghai;nSuzhou, Hangzhou, and Yangzhou are the main carving processing bases of Hetian jade.n4. SuzhounThe King of the King has now constitutes a complete jade industry chain. It has complete supporting facilities, professional polishing, carved tools, gold inlaid, and jade identification.nWe have to say the most famous emerald market in China in recent years, namely the jade market in Guangdong and Yunnan. The jade markets in these two regions are basically mainly emerald. Buying emeralds is not only diverse, but also cheaper than other jade markets. Let me tell you what are the more famous jade trading markets here.n5. Guangzhou Hualin Hualin International Jade Cities: The biggest feature is that the business varieties are all available: both interfaces, ear buckles, jade pendants, jade bracelets, but also Xingxin, flower pieces, and flower cards; both ancient jade and antique jade articles, both There are also fashionable zodiac jade wares in recent years; they have both fine carvings and even selling jade wool.nHello, this is a better place for sale for you, but after all, it belongs to valuable items. You can buy it carefully and pay attention to identify authenticitynMore 11nBleak

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