4 thoughts on “Which of the funds and gold is better?”

  1. Gold is a wealth management product with risk aversion. The price of gold is also erratic, and sometimes it is relatively high, but sometimes it is relatively low. The fund belongs to the equity wealth management product, and the income is determined according to the overall change of the base city. The two cannot say which one is good. Anyway, the price is good when the price rises, and the price is very pitted.
    The trial of foreign trade for the whole people, so that Chinese people can earn purchasing profits by purchasing Chinese goods for foreigners, participating in foreign trade and enjoying foreign trade policy bonuses. Domestic users only need to participate in purchasing. After waiting for the 30 -day sales cycle, they can earn 1.2%of the purchasing profit of the product and get it back to the purchase of a deposit.

  2. This depends on your own needs, but also depends on your own risk tolerance, and how long it is not to decide about this money. You buy different funds, or gold, and the expired income may be different.
    It in the short term, we can buy some currency funds, we can buy some stock funds in the long run, and we can buy some bond funds in about one year. Of course, we can also match the fund allocation with the fund.

  3. I. The preservation effect of gold
    The preservation of gold! Whether the society meets the development, the value of gold will be reduced, and it is even more persistent. The so -called guns rang, gold and two thousand, and gold is the most valuable thing at the time of war, because value is recognized; in the prosperous period of Taiping, gold is reserved in order to maintain value. Unlike real estate, automobiles, antiques, jewelry, etc., all depreciation will occur.
    . Gold is conducive to decentralized investment risks!
    In the past 45 years, the 12 -month correlation between the Gold and the Standard 500 Index is almost zero. Therefore, for investors who want to have diversified investment portfolios, a simple way to reduce systemic risks by holding gold!
    . Surgery inflation!
    Is know that mild inflation is the central bank of various countries in various countries. What is happy to see, this means the economy is developing. Historically, gold and US Treasury bonds have been the most popular inflation hedging.
    . The income of gold is the same, and the risk is also small!
    The World Gold Association has done a study, adding a 5%gold investment in Mexican pension asset allocation portfolio Later, compared with the original asset portfolio, the annualized yield of the pension asset portfolio with gold increased the annualized yield of 28 basis points, and the risk was reduced by 8 basis points.
    It, it can be seen that because of the preservation of gold, and the risk of gold is favorable, it is conducive to hedging inflation, and the income of gold is also relatively high. In the same contrast, it is the most favorable to choose to buy gold!

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