Scientists say humans will soon come into close contact with alien life

Aliens are one of the most hotly debated topics in science and around the world, and the mere mention of extraterrestrial life is of great interest to space enthusiasts. Most people must have heard a lot of talk about aliens, and some would even claim that billionaire Elon Musk is an alien, but other than a few UFO photos released by the Pentagon, these are all theories. We don't really have any solid evidence that any of these theories will come true.

After all, it's one thing to read about theories on blogs and websites, but quite another when NASA confirmed the existence of aliens in a recent press conference, so what about the alien answer? Before we can answer that question, we might want to get an idea of how huge the universe actually is. A NASA telescope currently 1.6 million kilometers from Earth is collecting light in the infrared spectrum 13.5 billion years ago. The light travels at about 300 million meters per second. We know the universe exploded into existence about 13.8 billion years ago. There are billions of galaxies in a vast cosmic vein. Then in such a vast universe, it is certainly possible that conditions similar to those on Earth could arise.

That's possible now that NASA has begun using its current James Webb Telescope, launched in December, to take a closer look at some of the planets that could host life and determine the chemistry of their atmospheres, as well as determine whether they have a habitable environment. James Webb is the most powerful space telescope ever launched into space, with vastly improved infrared resolution and sensitivity over its predecessor, Hubble. It is seen as a successor to Hubble, meaning the telescope will be able to spot objects that are farther away, dimmer or older than Hubble could detect, such as the first stars and galaxies in the universe. This is simply the beginning of our journey to unravel the vast mysteries of the universe, and it's going to be a lengthy journey.39bet-xì dách-phỏm miền bắc-tiến lên miền bắc-xóc đĩa-game bắn cá

Now, on July 12, as scheduled, the JWST will release its first color photos and spectral data, and possibly this time the data will shed light on extraterrestrial life. Before this, there are so many theories about Ufos that we can only find out if we really touch life. Some people also think that America has contact with aliens, because of the extremely classified area 51 for ordinary people are still unable to enter, but these are simply assumptions, there is no specific evidence of alien life, in so far, in the vast universe, only then the humanity in the forward, but possibly after years great changes will occur, although now the solve the numerous mysteries of the universe, But the question of whether aliens exist remains unanswered.

However, a former chief scientist at NASA believes we will soon have a close encounter with aliens. Retired in January of NASA's chief scientist, said Jim green, many of them live in life is extremely similar to the earth, we can receive light from the sun, we can have water, is not only the liquid, frozen and steam, and these are we believe that the essential condition for the existence of life, and they are the same.

'They're making great progress,' he added. 'In his 40 years in the space industry, they've learned a lot that they couldn't before.' Jim Green also mentioned the James Webb Space Telescope will help them analyze the atmospheres of planets that are currently unreachable. NASA will be able to use images of some of these planets to uncover extraterrestrial life, and humans could see some incredible discoveries in the coming years. Telescopes can help them compare the atmospheres of distant planets with those of planets they already understand!

3fb4a9e1571247a002de7665ecccce27As Jim Green says, these studies may be the key to answering that question. Are we all alone in the vast universe? It's fascinating to understand what these studies reveal. In the universe, human is likely not the only one life, the Fermi paradox can help us understand the possibility, that is an alien civilization might have flourished, and become the interplanetary civilization, because a large number of carriers planets like earth, stars on the planet, liquid water and gentle atmosphere to support the life, Aliens may find it as easy to travel to different universes as it is for us to go from home to school. We may not need to meet them in a distant world colony because they may try to contact us.

But how do aliens communicate with humans? For a technologically advanced alien civilization, how would they announce their arrival? It may be too early to think about this. ​Thus far, there have been numerous searches for intelligent life, such as detecting radio signals or giant structures around stars, but the results have been disappointing. A French scientist has proposed that we look for planets that move in precise patterns, because extremely evolved civilizations could alter the orbits of planets in their solar system to act as beacons of their existence, signaling to outside observers. They might be able to use the gravitational pull of asteroids, possibly over thousands of years, to slowly move the planets to different places so that they are at certain fixed ratios or resonances.

Resonances arise from natural gravitational interactions, for example, with Jupiter's moons forming chains of resonances, and similar patterns have been observed in other star systems, although in those star systems the ratio of each body is different. The researchers think aliens might organize the planets in an order unlikely to occur naturally, such as a sequence of prime numbers. The results also calculate that these orbits could last for up to 20 billion years before losing resonance or even surviving the death of the host star. The concept is similar to structures on giant Earth, such as ancient Egypt's tallest pyramid, which was built to last longer than the lifetime of a civilization. Again, the lighthouse has the potential to outlive its creator, thus even if we do find such a sequence, it does not prove intelligent life, and the civilization behind it is likely long gone, but its remains may still be found.

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