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  1. Generally, gold shops cannot recover gold jewelry. Only units approved by the People's Bank of China can acquire gold.
    If in accordance with the acquisition of gold and silver in the "Regulations on the Management of the People's Republic of China", it is handled by the People's Bank of China. Except for the People's Bank of China, any unit or individual may acquire gold and silver.
    The individual selling gold and silver must be sold to the People's Bank of China.
    Them and silver unearthed in Article 13, which is owned by the country, and no unit or individual may melt, destroy or possess. The unearthed gold and silver discovered by the unit and individuals is identified by the local cultural administrative department. In addition to the historical cultural relics value, in accordance with the provisions of the "Cultural Relics Protection Law of the People's Republic of China", it must be handed over to the People's Bank of China to collect and exchange, and the price is paid up. State treasury.
    The expansion information:
    The management of operating units and individual silver artists.
    The application (including processing, sales) gold and silver products, gold and silver chemical products, and units that recover gold and silver from gold and silver scum, waste liquid, and waste must in accordance with relevant national regulations and regulations and national regulations and national regulations and national regulations and regulations and The approval procedure, after being reviewed and approved by the People's Bank of China and the relevant competent authorities, it may be open after registering and issuing the business license after the industrial and commercial administrative authority.
    It 20 business units must engage in operations in accordance with the approved gold and silver business scope, shall not change the scope of business without authorization, and shall not be deducted, misappropriated and packed gold and silver in the operation.
    Reference information Source: China Government Network -Gold and Silver Management Regulations of the People's Republic of China

  2. Generally, gold shops are recovered by gold jewelry.
    The golden shop provides gold jewelry recycling services. When buying gold jewelry, we paid the processing fee. However, when the gold jewelery is recycled, it is often recovered according to the number of gold, so that the processing fee will be lost.
    and the loss should be deducted when recycling gold, so that the user's loss will be greater. It is recommended that when buying gold jewelry, ask the brand if the brand provides gold jewelry recycling services. If the brand provides recycling services, it will be more reliable than the small gold shop.
    Extension information:
    The general circulation channels recovered on the market are: Gold Recycling → Gold Refinement Factory → Shanghai Gold Exchange Transaction → Gold Unit → Consumers. China's largest golden refinery is the Golden Refinery of Shandong, with more than 200 tons of refining gold in the annual refining.

    Senged gold recycling companies have a fixed business location, mainly based on gold as the main business. During gold recovery, the price is high, accurate measuring, safe, efficient, and good reputation.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold Recycling

  3. Golden shops cannot recover gold at will.
    The most basic step of recycling gold in gold shops is to verify the source of gold. The unknown source of gold jewelry cannot be recovered at will. Gold shops recovery gold generally check the gold content of gold to recycle. Gold recycling only recovery raw materials, which has nothing to do with the brand. The prices given by gold recycling companies in each place are also different.
    The recycling price Due to different prices, the recycling of regular gold shops requires formal and perfect procedures.
    The expansion information:
    1, bank recycling:
    The banks can recycle all AU99 or more gold, and can be repurchased at the same time. Other banks can only be repurchased by the bank's gold products, and the price will decline, and the gold jewelry is basically not acquired.
    2, Dangdangxing recycling:
    In comparison, the price of pawn banks is the lowest price in gold. Generally speaking, the 20 % discount of gold in the gold exchange price one day before the day was returned to the gold.
    3, individual recycling:
    The price of personal acquisition of gold is generally low. For example, most individual gold recycling stores usually check the goods first.

  4. Golden stores are generally not recycled. Gold recycling companies can recycle, you can go to your recent gold recycling company. There is a cattle luxury. The company's company is not bad. Gold recovery is different from the recovery of ordinary items. Whether it is weight, it is weighted, color, and color. Determination or price determination forms a unique recovery system. Because the gold recovery is re -used after recycling, it is also said that recycling gold is regardless of the brand. The main price factors of recovery are determined by the gold content and international basic transaction price.
    This to adopt, thank you.

  5. Recycling, you need to have those documents you bought jewelry at the time, but now many small gold shops still have secretly collected, but the price will definitely be crushed. Some people will get a pawn bank to go to the pawn. Otherwise, I will be foil again in the future.

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