5 thoughts on “Does the bank repurchase the gold bars now? The gold bars bought in the gold shop”

  1. Banks generally only recover the gold sold by their banks, other banks, or gold shops, general banks will not repurchase, and there are complete vouchers when buying, there are more conditions, and the price may not be appropriate. Therefore, more people will choose platforms such as gold recycling companies, pawn banks, and gold processing stores. Such a platform does not have so many restrictions. It will be valued according to the weight and color of gold.

  2. The gold bars bought in Golden Store are generally not responsible for the repurchase. You can only ask the gold shop to repurchase without repurchase at the beginning of the invoice.

  3. The bank has the business of repurchase gold bars, but there are many conditions. The most basic of which is that the gold bars sold by the bank will be recovered! You must buy it in the Golden Store. In addition to the banks sold, you also need to issue the vouchers you bought at that time, and then you can recycle the color of the gold bar!

  4. Is there any difference between bank gold bars and gold shop gold bars? The gold bars of the bank contains 9999 pure standards, while most of the gold shops are 999 standards, or the impurities are not pure, or mixed with other metals. Many manufacturers do not use pure materials for products for province costs. Therefore, if they buy gold or to preserve personal assets, they must go to the bank to buy it.

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