5 thoughts on “Is there any recycling emerald?”

  1. Hello, although I only saw the certificate
    , I can still basically judge
    The object is the double -sided sculpture of the bean type machine
    The one who is better than the one is a little bit, and the 1-200 is the end.

  2. The place where the jade is directly recycled is not clear, but knowing the place to be sold -Changhao Jade
    This Selling hand has a fast realization speed!
    It this is not clear. Hey, if the boutique meets Changhao Jade, it will be directly acquired
    The charity auction participating in Changhao Jade Ware is also good.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer HellonHello: There are very few places for emerald recycling. Generally, there are shops in large jade markets in Guangzhou and other places. Individual large jewelry shops also recover jadeite, but generally only recover high -quality emeralds. Directors will also be recycled, but they are also only recovered with high -quality emeralds. Normally, emeralds are not recycled, and there are few merchants who recycle emeralds. It is mainly because: the price of jadeite is different from the pricing of diamond gold. It does not have a clear price system, so the price of jadeite is difficult to determine, so it will increase the difficulty of recycling emerald. When wearing emerald jewelry, it will cause cracks due to collision, and some minor damage cannot be found in the short term, which also brings certain difficulty to recycling jadeite.

  4. This is hard to say, you can go to the local antiques market to see if anyone has acquired;

    It can also be handed over to Dangdangxing. As for whether there is a place for recycling emeralds, it is not clear.

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