Foxconn boss, wearing luxurious jewelry, showing her status in 7 years and three births?

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5 thoughts on “Foxconn boss, wearing luxurious jewelry, showing her status in 7 years and three births?

  1. Speaking of Foxconn, we all know, but Foxconn boss Guo Taiming is familiar with it? That's right. Guo Taiming is 70 years old in 2020, not young people. However, his second little wife happened to be a year of prosperity, and she was Zeng Xinying, 46 in 2020. Don't think that her age is not dominant. Speaking of her, she knows that she is a very beautiful and temperamental master in the wife's circle. Moreover, although she and Guo Taiming are the love of men, women, and children, their feelings are really true love.
    Fitos of Foxconn is very expensive, but Zeng Xinying and did not publicize. The lady circle who mixed the true identity must be Guo Taiming's good wife. In fact, for so many years, she has indeed done a good influence of the seven years and the three lives. She has not been to her husband to find anything wrong. It is a quiet person.

    , but in the new year, she brought you unexpected surprises. Foxconn's boss boarded the chair with a high attitude, wearing luxury jewelry to show her style, and felt that this magazine journal always had a face. Honestly, this first impression is very good. Wearing a gray -black leather jacket and wearing a neck, jewelry is luxurious and valuable. Zeng Xinying's lips were shocked, and she closed her eyes to enjoy the style of light and shadow, with temperament on her back.
    I is said to be written on the face, and this sentence is not fake at all. Zeng Xinying, who is usually a good wife, has changed a lot about the design style of this beautiful photo. He is confident and strong. Obviously, it is a woman with origin. The gray black professional suit looks very beautiful, tightly closes the waist, and the heroic posture is not tired. The glittering lines of the whole body were blind, and the neck releasing the taste of female models in modern cities. Wearing fine heels on the soles of the feet, exposing a slim feet naked. The whole body was not revealed, but she found that she was sexy and charming. Of course, can curly hair, bright and courageous smiles, can you feel the temperament of the famous master?
    The real modern sense is like this. Coffee is regarded as insights. Zeng Xinying's magazine's journal is very large, and the design of clothes is not complicated. She did not intend to gather in a high -gesture luxury. Just installed high -heeled shoes on the gray -black suit to explain the style of famous and lady. Therefore, what does the pants of clothes look at, who you need to wear. Zhengzhou Foxconn's boss did not know the geometric figures in the family, but from the perspective of this spirit, the genuine wife of the Guo family was wrong. This face, this body, coupled with the small expression of enjoying the stage spotlight, ordinary people can't learn it.
    It this design surprises, it can be said that many women have brought new clothing references. Open the long dresses of the panties with aura flour, and together with the boots of the python, it appropriately shows the advantages of long legs. Women's No. 1 leaning on the wall of the situation, POSE feels full, always come to feel. Do you think people who don't know Zeng Xinying are familiar movie stars? It's just that the temperament of the big star is sunken, is Zeng Xinying's temperament spicy or real? Come and see that the home is really raised.

    It's cover photos, do you want to know how the female boss of daily life is worn? Let's discuss the photos of her family first. At the beginning, Zeng Xinying heard that it was a teacher. People knew Guo Taiming and became Mrs. Guo a year later. Over the years, she has two daughters and a child, which is very similar to her. Guo Taiming is of course older. Zeng Xinying, wearing a long -wavy skirt, wears a dang, wearing collagen, younger. Of course, her expression was gentle, she released her halo, and some Wangfu.
    Is to see her clothing match, I know how she should wear herself as not promoting his wife. The hair is simple, and the hair is soft and straight. Together with Guo Taiming, wearing a blue dress is also solemn. There is a golden pants belt on the waist, holding a silver -white brand bag in his hand, and the seat is very atmospheric. This kind of clothing that does not publicize Xiu Ronghua is almost ashamed of her husband.
    The design style to attend the event, simple and beautiful, beautiful design needs to be decorative design. Seeing this body shape basically controls the dark gray fishtail skirt. Personal tailoring is divided into the golden segmentation ratio. It is indeed learning to dance. This age is still uniformly slender legs. It can be seen that women should not be lazy and confident at any time, and their bodies cannot be outdated.
    In daily life, Zeng Xinying prefers basic charming clothing, which is called understanding place. Together with the pale yellow underwear and jeans, no one in the ears of the naked diamond earrings. The confident smile shows the satisfaction of women. It is indeed finding a real love.
    don't think that her reputation is not as big as big stars, but there are many big stars in the circle of others who are competing with her to be friends. For example, Jay Chou and his wife Kun Ling played basketball with Zeng Xinying. Zeng Xinying is nearly twenty years older than Kun Ling, but her temperament is indeed a multiplier relationship. White T sports pants, Mrs. Madam also has a sense of self -confidence.

    The marriage life is like water, cold temperature is free. Some people did not like to forget to fall in love before, but others not only entered the marriage life, but also established a family of five. The important thing is that the husband and wife are also very sweet now, so Zeng Xinying is fortunate to be unhappy? The cafe is waiting for you to chat.

  2. Her status is very high, and she is equivalent to a great hero at home, and she has also been respected by her family at home, and has also been taken care of and favored by her family.

  3. She had a third child in seven years, and her status was very stable, and her husband also spoiled him in particular. She regarded her as a child, lived a life of food and clothing, and was envious of Mrs. Kuo.

  4. Her status is still very high, and her relationship is particularly good with her husband. Her husband loved her. Beauty will meet all her needs. Although the age difference between the two is particularly large, it does not affect the love between the two.

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