1 thought on “Is it better to buy gold or buy a fund? Why?”

  1. It depends on the amount of personal funds to determine, and whether this is more used than the money you invested recently, and then consider which one to choose?
    First of all, the gold can be circulated no matter what happened, and there are some room for promotion, but you need to pay attention to the gold market frequently, and the amount of gold needs is large. After all Tens of thousands, and today's society, if you use money, the realization is not convenient. After all, the price is relatively transparent, and the rush will be lower than the market price.
    The fund income is okay. The bank's currency fund is about 3%, but it is T 1, and funds such as Yu'ebao, Polycies, and other funds are about 4 and achieved faster. Flexible, equivalent to mobile funds.
    , no matter how you invest, you need to choose the recent free money, or make a expected investment to facilitate the response of emergencies.

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