No basic apprenticeship, hand -painted jewelry or electronic -painted jewelry design

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  1. Hello, if you want jewelry design, first distinguish the conditions and futures of these two types. Let me briefly say:
    can be learned from 0, but the difficulty and persistence length of the entry can not be learned. The same
    1, jewelry hand -drawn design:
    a, the best foundation for preschool:
    This first learn some art theory and exercise (color, three -dimensional composition, workmaking drawing technique, innovative thinking) r
    B, Jewelry's apprenticeship period 1: 1 drawing, needle pipe drawing, market copy and modification style, creative jewelry design, basic processing knowledge, jewelry template knowledge. (Each variety of jewelry painting methods and related aesthetics)
    c, commercial jewelry design, jewelry design competition, jewelry design competition, jewelry processing knowledge, basic cost accounting, and investigation of market trends. (You can learn some computer beautification map Photoshop, coreldraw, etc., JCAD is best to learn a little), it is best to choose a certain type of jewelry as a specialty jewelry design field to enhance professionalism and differentiation. Essence
    D, jewelry design, team management, jewelry marketing and advertising, jewelry series product research and development, cost profit analysis, market data analysis, etc.

    2, jewelry electronic painting design (in fact, not called electronic painting design, called jewelry computer modeling)
    a, 1 to 1 card in apprenticeship, jewery operation tools, learning Jewelry beauty, jewelry exercises of various categories, jewelry processing data collection (gold position, stone position, section, shrinkage as the weight)
    b, learn to see hand drawing in the middle period, change the picture combined with processing, the jewelry starting knowledge strengthens , Proficient in processing data, specializing in a certain category or process technology (such as rowing stone specialties, animal specialization, flower and leaf specialization, pull -control point modeling specialization, guide rail modeling, etc. If you have the ability to do it,)
    c, jewelry electronic painting supervisor, team management, improvement of team benefits, quotation and schedule management, jewelry computer 3D printing knowledge, jewelry 3D printing materials management, etc.

    The above is my opinion. I hope to help you. If you think it is helpful, please choose my best answer. I will continue to answer the follow -up questions for you. Forgot to say something, you can also do the talents of hand -painted electrical paintings. Our team has three such talents. The monthly salary is about 15,000, but don't be strong. Let's take a look at the legend below.

    The general hand -drawn design drawing:

    ===================== ================
    -jewelry hand -drawn design beautification:

    = =========================
    Jewelry electronic painting design drawing

    Essence Essence Essence Essence

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