Our company has to hold a year meeting, with a lottery session, and seeking creative draws?

4 thoughts on “Our company has to hold a year meeting, with a lottery session, and seeking creative draws?”

  1. In fact, the gameplay gameplay is quite diverse. It can be a lucky award or a competitive award.
    Compared with the traditional lottery box lottery, more lottery software can be used now. Not only is it convenient for issuing prizes, it can also drive the atmosphere of the scene and better improve the fun and texture of the activity. Here I recommend a few more easy -to -use lottery gameplay. The measurement is easy to use. The focus is on free opening. It can help you save your mind and effort and money. At the same time, it has the quality of the atmosphere!
    1: 3D raffle
    As the finale lottery session of the past annual meeting, many companies will choose the "3D cool draw" form developed by the micro-media network-big screen interactive team. On the large screen, the 3D effect rolled the avatars of all partners. With the high attention of the audience, find the koi on the scene, send benefits and easily attract the audience at the same time.

    2: Red envelope rain
    Am no red envelopes at the event site. Through red envelopes, the red envelope and the guest screen of the guests are simultaneously dropped red envelopes. Participants only need to need Click on your phone to receive various red envelopes. The physical prize site is redeemed by the exchange code, and cash can be directly entered WeChat or nail wallet. It is really convenient!

    3: Shake the interaction
    The interaction of shaking the interaction quickly swept across the major event scenes across the country after the development of micro -media. Mobile phone, the atmosphere was ignited instantly. Support a variety of activities: tug of war, racing, dragon boats, yacht, etc. Elements support customized, infinitely transform surprises, and heavenly atmosphere at the scene is a must -have.

    4: Answer the level
    I answering questions is suitable for interspersed in the middle of the meeting. A new way of answering questions, custom settings of the questions and answers, make the activity more creative, and can achieve the effect of entertaining ~

    5 The conference person clicks the center button of the mobile phone, and the large turntable will accelerate. Large -screen concentrated turntable drawing effects achieve the perfect series of large screens and mobile phones on the stage. The game process is more transparent and more exciting, creating a sense of fieryness at the scene. At the same time, it can be used as a weapon to attract people to participate in activities offline: Through the large -scale rolls, attract people to pay attention to activities. At the same time, it supports the sign -in delivery gift, and the interest will be given to benefits.

    6: The national war epidemic
    2020 The whole people's resistance to the epidemic, which greatly improved the national cohesion. Combining the idea of ​​eliminating the virus during the epidemic period, the gameplay is similar to the fruit ninja. Through this interaction, enterprises can improve the internal cohesion of the enterprise and popularize the awareness of health habits.

    7: Drawing blessings
    "The pen is full of good luck, and the flowers flow through the blessing of the New Year." At the same time, you can also customize the blessing object, which can be a blessing or brand logo, and the organizer can set multiple rounds of blessings. Make prizes through cumulative blessing scores.

    In the above interaction, at the same time, you can associate with invitation letters, registration, sign -in, voting, barrage, awards, signing, starting, venue process list and other diverse interactive functions. Systems and live broadcast systems, connecting online and offline constitutions to the overall solution of the event, and the micro-media network-the large-screen interactive team provides technical support online, which can help you solve the problems you encounter.

  2. The annual meeting can't escape the lottery. This is an indispensable highlight of the annual meeting. Traditional offline lottery games may not be at the scene, there is no way to participate in the lottery and leave regrets.
    So find a good software that can support the software that can be drawn online and offline at the same time.

    . There are many types of lottery software in the lottery, and the update is very fast, so when choosing, you must ensure the playability and attractiveness of the software, but also the stability of the software. The subject recommends some of the better you have used, I hope to give you some help!
    1) For the organizer, how to release a lottery, and which types of raffle support, how more convenient users participate in the lottery, how to activate the atmosphere of the scene;
    2) How to participate in the lottery and Whether the winning prize is notified in place, whether there is a sense of interaction participation, nervous and exciting;
    Speaking of this, I share a creative draw applet I used.

    Recommended: Search "Lucky Tools" applet, lightweight drawing tool.

    Reason: There are few advertisements. At the same time, support online and offline lottery draws, large screen prizes, high user participation, and active atmosphere at the scene.
    It no longer need to worry about employees' unable to reach the scene and miss the prize.

    1. Create a lottery, quickly and relax
    n The number of unlimited awards, the number of participants is unlimited
    The drawing activity created by the computer automatically synchronized to WeChat Mini Program

    In participants to scan the code on the spot and immediately join the lottery
    The host can make a large -screen operation lottery process
    a single award can be awarded in subsequent awards, support the lottery lottery
    barrage reminder, background, background, background Increase the atmosphere of the audio effect

    activity preview

  3. When it comes to creative draws, how can we forget the popular WeChat shocking lottery now. The lottery has always been a must -have function for mobilizing the enthusiasm of the participants. He can explode the whole process in real time and mobilize the enthusiasm of the participants on the scene. In this regard, Biyin Technology launched the 3D super cool draw mode. The rolling 3D large screen is really good.

  4. You can try the new version of the 3D draw
    The new version of the 3D draw is a very high -energy on -site large -screen lottery software. With a cool lottery background, there will also be graphics, cube, cylindrical and other graphics consisting of the avatars signed by the guests signed in in the middle of the large screen. During the lottery, the avatars of the guests at the scene will roll on the big screen in real time to create a tense and exciting lottery atmosphere.
    The participation of the new version of the 3D draw is very simple. The guests at the annual meeting site only need to scan the QR code at the scene to enter the prize pool.
    and the new version of the 3D draw is simple and interesting, and it can also allow the guests to experience the cool large screen background and bring a new lottery experience.

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