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  1. Emerald bracelets are better to buy in the jade market, shopping malls and other physical stores.

    bracelets, also known as "钏", "bracelet", "arm ring", etc., are a ring -shaped decoration worn on the wrist. According to the different styles, it can be divided into three mainstream styles:

    1, a blessing bracelet, which is characterized by the inner circle round, the outer circle is round, the bar is round, and it is also called a round bracelet. This kind of bracelet is extremely classic, has been spreading for a long time, pays attention to the thick and round strips, solemn and righteous. Round bracelet is suitable for middle -aged and elderly ladies. The bracelet is round and full, and the outer circle, inner circle, and circular circle can be described as a three -round one. It symbolizes that the career and life are full of roundness. Wearing it on the wrist can show the gentle temperament of women, and it can also be safe. The first choice for collection.

    2, emerald bracelets, characterized by flat round round, flat outer circle, bars from bow -shaped to round. According to legend, Yang Guifei loves elliptical bracelets very much. Later generations call it a concuber bracelet. Some posterity summarizes that the concubine bracelet is a beautiful title of oval bracelet. It is suitable for people with small hands to wear. It is more comfortable to get up, it looks slimmer, beautiful, and unique.

    3, safety bracelets, characterized by round circular, round outer circular, strips from bow -shaped to semi -circular, because the inner circle is flattened, called a safe bracelet, also known as flat mouth, also known as flat mouth mouth The bracelet is the style of more than 90%of the bracelets on the market. This kind of bracelet appears late, which is a modern invention. The advantage is that the provincial labor and provincial materials, but the inner circle sticks the wrist, but the inner circle must be polished, otherwise it will not be able to score the hand.

    Emerald bracelet focuses on: planting water, color and style, the pursuit of old water feet and less flaws, the bright and bright color is evenly distributed, and the real model is full. Buying in a physical store is conducive to seeing the original appearance of the real thing, and wearing a natural emerald bracelet that conforms to each person's preferences and size.

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  2. If you know the goods, go to the wholesale place, and go to the mall if you don't understand.
    It now BC has a lot of goods. If you spend a lot of money to buy fake, you will be very disturbed. Although you like it, no one is willing to bring a chemical treatment.

    If you care about the price, you still find someone who knows the goods to buy the market. You can buy a beautiful bracelet at one -tenth of the mall.

    If you don't care about the price, go to a regular shopping mall, there are more boutiques there, but you also have to try to bargain with them, sometimes it will be sold to you!

    I in Shenzhen, I often go to the jade wholesale market to buy bracelets, the bracelets bought about 3,000, and the shopping malls are more than 30,000.
    If you are in Shenzhen, I can accompany you, haha.

    I I wish you happy, the saying goes well, gold is priceless, if you really like it, and you can buy it in a place where you can bear it. Don't buy it online, if you just want to spend a few hundred dollars to buy it. Because the physical and pictures of this thing are often very large, the emerald's water head and seed color difference will be much worse.

    The say so much, I wish you early buy your favorite bracelet!

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the answer you ask questions: Generally speaking, when buying jade bracelets, you can choose to buy regularly operated jewelry shops. Do not buy it on the flowing stall. Otherwise, with quality problems, it is difficult to find people to find after -sales service. Moreover, regular -operated stores, sold jade bracelets, generally have authoritative agencies recognized by the state and issued a certification. If the jade bracelet has no identification certificate, it is best not to buy it, it is likely to be a fake. However, even if the merchant issues the appraisal certificate of the jade bracelet, it is not vigilant. Check the photos, information, etc. on the certificate, whether it is in line with the real thing.nWith the hot jade market, there are many sales of jade bracelets in the current jade market. However, in these sales channels, there are irregular jade bracelet sales and more formal sales. Like shopping malls, generally there are relatively formal channels, and consumers' interests can be better guaranteed. However, like some jade ground stalls, the quality of jade bracelets is high or low, and the jade bracelets are true and false. Without formal sales channels, the interests of consumers are difficult to guarantee.nThere are many jade bracelet trading markets. From the original stone markets in Myanmar, Ruili, Tengchong Emerald Trading Market in Yunnan, Four Associations in Guangdong, Jieyang Jade Trading Market, etc. There are also top jade bracelets. However, because jade bracelets are not as clear as gold and silver, and because of the different prices of the texture of the jade bracelet, the different prices of the jade bracelet fluctuate greatly, so it is not recommended that ordinary consumers go to these places to buy emerald bracelets. Generally, you can go to a regular jade jewelry store or online specialty store for purchase. Of course, whether online or offline, you need to choose a store with a certain qualification and guarantee after sale.nIn addition, when buying a jade bracelet, you must buy the size of the jadeite bracelet with your heart. The most suitable method is the actual trial. According to the wearing effect, select the bracelet style that fits the wrist. , And do not shake. The jade bracelets can be divided into rounds, flat strips, and round, conconin bracelets, and can also be divided into several types such as carving and plain noodles. Rounds and flat strips refer to the shape of the cross section of the bracelet. The round and concubine shape refers to the shape of the front of the bracelet. The carved and plain surface refers to the shape of the bracelet surface. It is also important to choose a bracelet shape that suits you.nMore 2nBleak

  4. If you know very much, you won't ask such questions. Where can you buy it? Depending on some of the following factors
    , do you understand emerald or do you have a expert to help you?
    The budget
    The activity radius you can even implement
    a, you do n’t understand and no one helps you, buy as much as possible in the store with reputation and brand. Do n’t buy it online , Check the identification certificate, but the cost may be higher
    b. If there are experts to help you, it is not important to buy it

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