6 thoughts on “Grandpa, mother -in -law, mother, father, all sixty birthday this September this year. What to get”

  1. The old man's heart does not expect his children to give any gifts on their birthday! Instead, when they miss you, you can appear beside them! Even if you just chat with them and eat a meal, you will find that at that moment, there is always a cordial smile on the corner of their mouths! It is best not to give food, you have eaten, you won't leave anything. Send some motion that can be furnished or practical. In addition, young people may always go out, and the time with parents is relatively small, so seeing you see you. Parents are older, health is the most important, tea pillow, health road (cobblestone walking pad), the weather is not good, you can also exercise at home. In addition, they can also consider their characteristics, hobbies, interests and other characteristics. Vote for it. Special recommendation of massage chairs (large water, many discounts), old Beijing cloth shoes, winter boots and local specialties.

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