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  1. Emerald bracelets can be recycled!

    If there is no suitable channel in reality, you can also consider the transfer of the network. Baidu Post Bar: Emerald Bar, there are many buyers, and they have enough economic strength. It is a better transfer platform that can be traded freely.

    The general steps are as follows:

    1, take the emerald bracelet to natural light, take a few clear photos at multiple angles, upload it, and indicate the width and thickness of the bar. , Circle mouth size and other data.

    2, go to Taobao to make a transaction link, and mark the price of your favorite (how to do the link to refer to the jade class, the links of others).

    3. The probability of realizing the transaction is much higher, which is easy to shoot.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer the jewelry shops that generally sell emerald bracelets will recycle emerald bracelets, or they can be sold for sale, and can also be found in jewelery recycling points. These places are all possible. If you want to sell your own emerald bracelet, you should find a reliable store to store it in the store. It is both insurance and safe, but the price may not be too high, but the advantage is that it is practical. You can also publish information on the Internet; however, if you want to sell your own emerald bracelet, you can go to the local recycling point. Under normal circumstances, when buying the emerald A cargo bracelet, there are an appraisal certificate. Combined with the identification certificate and the naked eye observation bracelet is no problem, the natural emerald A cargo bracelet, the foundation is clean, the water head is good, and the recovery price is quite high. However, the specific price of emerald bracelet recovery does not have a uniform price, because different emerald bracelets have different quality and their recovery prices are different. It is half of the original price, but the specifics should be determined according to the actual situation. There are many factors affecting the price of jadeite bracelets, mainly water heads, textures and colors. Emerald bracelet water head: It looks crystal clear, very watery, and delicate. The translucent is ice -breed jade bracelet, which is almost completely transparent (commonly known as glass species). The permeability is average, and it looks like the most common mid -range products in the market. Inti -transparent, it looks like it is dry, without luster, it is the lower product. Emerald bracelet texture: Observe with the naked eye, the phenomenon of the jadeite bracelet cannot be seen, and the overall sense is very strong. If the particles look obvious, the structure is rough or the block shape, the texture is not good. With good permeable jadeite bracelets, if there are more cotton wool -shaped objects visible to the naked eye, the quality is average. Emerald bracelet color: whether the color is bright, the depth is thick, and whether the distribution is evenly the three elements of the color of the jade bracelet. The bright green is called yang green, and the price of yang green is not low, and the distribution of uniformly covers all and rich green is called dragon species, which is very expensive. You can go to the local jewelery recycling location or jewelry shop according to personal circumstances.nAsk me a batch of bracelets and bracelets made of rough stones.nThe answer is good, you can wait a minutenUnder normal circumstances, the emerald rough is in Myanmar, and it is also produced in Tengchong, Guangzhou, Japan, the United States and other places in Yunnan. However, the quality of the emerald rough in Myanmar is the best quality. The more famous ones are Mowan base mouth, Pagang yard, and the opening of the meeting card.nYou are not very easy to sell, I suggest you go to the local market to see if there is this demandnThe finished product is still very easy to sell, you can sell onlinen4 morenBleak

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