1 thought on “If you want to customize small gifts to send customers, what recommendation is used?”

  1. Customized business gifts for customers, because it is given to customers, the gift is best to match gifts that are more consistent with the company's culture. For example, some blue and white porcelain business supplies sets, or customized golf suits that are more convenient and suitable for business gifts, very tasteful charcoal carvings, tea carvings, and can be sent to customers. Generally, such gifts will be used. Get, whether to customize the customized content on the box or gift according to your situation. There are also some hot -selling citrones of business, business pens, U disks, etc. For the customization of gifts, there are different custom materials, such as silk printing, shaft printing, and non -drying. These are all factors to consider. Naturally, we must also do a good job of budget, quantity, and different categories of customers. There are probably so much, because you do nā€™t know your specific situation, so you can introduce a few points, choose according to your specific situation! If you choose some good gift websites, etc., you will also give you a very satisfactory solution. I hope the above suggestions will be helpful to you šŸ™‚

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