3 thoughts on “Where can I make creative gifts?”

  1. Ai TA gives himself to TA !!! Customized three -dimensional face doll is a very good choice!

    only one photo can be made into three -dimensional live dolls! Intersection

    made a “me”, gives you dear dad, and let him see his sweet smile every day …

    made a “he” and give yourself to yourself “When you miss them, you can see the lovely them” …

    made a pair of “parents” and gave them to them.
    The troubles for you to get rid of a headache for preparing a different birthday gift

    In the reference materials:
    n n Give you a lot of surprises! I wish your dad good health and good luck! Intersection Intersection

  2. I have been to a website called Yi Dian customization. It is customized by gifts. It feels good. First of all, it is rich in products. At that time, my girlfriend’s birthday, I custom ,very beautiful.

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