3 thoughts on “What are the good jewelry shops on Taobao?”

  1. Recommend a high -force jewelry store within a 100 yuan, you can buy a good design without chopping your hands ~
    krodlo design studio
    Choker ... There are everything ~ If you want to ask the difference between its home and other ordinary jewelry stores, then I can tell you boldly -the gospel of this shop obsessive -compulsive disorder!
    Yes, its jewelry is sold according to the color! Peach pollen, glacier blue, cloud -mother gray, forest green, what other blue sea legends, ice and fire songs, water ice moon, etc. Jewelry, I have to mention the Pure

  2. Be careful, find a regular channel, the recently hot coupon is purchased, click to enter WeChat software, click the address book, and then click the public account, click the number in the upper right corner

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